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at the Hotel Bergschlösschen

After it was leased for almost 10 years, we took over the Hotel Bergschlösschen again. We are very happy about it and strive to present this special house based on our ideas and values, like we have always imagined. We hope there will only be minor inconveniences, if they appear during hotel operation. We ask for your understanding and would like to thank you.

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Hotel Bergschlösschen
Am Bundleshof 2
96049 Bamberg
+49 (0) 951 – 519 12 555

Comfort Check-in

To get inside the hotel when the reception desk is not occupied, you will need an access code to open the door. You can find it on the business card, which is stored with your room key inside a small box on the shelf at the entrance area when checking in. Of course the access code will be given to you before your arrival.


The water in our rooms is free of charge for our guests. A selection of soft drinks, wine and beer is available for you inside the refridgerators at the lounge. The price list for the drinks is located on one of the refridgerators.


You have time to check-out until 12:00 on the day of departure.

Leisure activities

We also offer our guests to play table tennis and table soccer at our conservatory, as well as using our big airtrack mat at your own risk.

Smoking information

Smoking information

Smoking is permitted only outside of the hotel. Our hotel is a non-smoking area and has a fire alarm system.

The Hotel Bergschlösschen

The Bergschlösschen offers 14 quiet guest rooms and commands a sweeping view over the Cathedral City from our idyllic garden terrace and Breakfast area.

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